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Check out what some folks from Access Hollywood had to say about Matt's Munchies (#1 in the Chips and Snack Category) !
Matt’s Munchies exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA.
Matt’s Munchies Premium Fruit Snacks were one of the ‘top 10’ new healthy picks of Elisa Bosley, Senior Food Editor of Delicious Living Magazine. Follow the link!
Matt’s Munchies Premium Fruit Snacks were chosen by Registered Dietitian, Ashley Koff as one of her favorite picks from the Natural Products Expo West. Her segment appeared on Good Morning America on March 31, 2011. Our Choco-Nana and Island Mango were displayed on Ashley’s table of top finds/emerging trends from the Expo. Check out Matt’s Munchies on Good Morning America!!
The Orange County Register’s Fast Food Maven, Nancy Luna, ran a story on their website about Chef Roberts entitled ‘Santa Ana Food Firm Enters Gluten Free Market’ by Stefani Peterson on April 13, 2011. The story appeared in print on Friday May 6th on the cover of the Business Section.



Hi there,

I am not a reporter, but we spend a lot of time testing food…from snacks/chips to energy bars to various "jerkys" etc.

One product that impressed me lately is a fruit leather type product from Matt's Munchie's. Why? Because noone on our team typically likes fruit leather and this appealed to many. The flavors are unique as is the packaging. Totally worth checking out. We have other favorite "healthy snacks," but I don't think any are all that new...

Here's the link to Matt's:

We have no ties to this company, FYI.

And you can learn about us below...or email me back.

P.S., if oatmeal is something you'd report on, you must check out Vigilant Eats. The Double Maca Chocolate is really unique.


Erin Kaese
Managing Editor
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"Your timing couldn't be more perfect! Guess what I just opened up and am munching on???? A Matt's Munchies Choco-nana. And I have to say, YUMMMMMMM-O!! Wow. Is that good! I NEVER would have thought something THIS healthy could be THIS good. That's so sweet of you guys. Thank you! Totally surprised and unnecessary but what a treat! I'm going to tell my old boss about them. Her kid just turned up gluten and dairy allergic. Among other things. She'll FLIP over this. Pup seems a-okay but he always did. Hold on, have to pop another square in my mouth. So good. The only thing better than choco banana is choco peanut butter and choco raspberry. My favorite combos.
Wait, now for a sip of my martini.

B.D. in Studio City, CA.(12/2010)

"Matt's Munchies is a real find! It has a great sophisticated taste,it's just the right amount in every pack, and what's even better is the ingredient list--no added sugars, preservatives or anything artificial. My three kids and husband enjoyed it as much as I did. I really liked them all, and they all deliver a real pure fruit taste, but I preferred the munchies that combined a few different flavors, such as the Ginger Spice and the Choco-Nana — I think here Chef Robert really shines in his ability to create something new and unexpected. Well done!"

Ayala Laufer-Cahana M.D., Pediatrician and mom.

"WOW the new fruit leathers are fantastic!! the new formulation and the new shape is FANTASTIC!!! I also love love love the new packaging, and so pleasing to the eye."

Hesha Abrams ESQ.

"My graphic designers went nuts for the Ginger Spice. Everyone was impressed that it was completely organic and that there was so few calories per pack."


"The snacks were great! I shared with everyone in the office and we snacked on them Thursday and Friday. The Island Mango and Choco-Nana were my favorites. As for the Chili Chocolate the guys in production loved them!"


"Matt's Munchies are the perfect on the go snacks. They are tasty, guilt free, and surprisingly really filling!"


"Sometimes, one can get a heavenly insight, coming out with an extraordinary result benefit for many people. I believe Chef Roberts had one of these insights when he created Matt's Munchies. It's the ideal nutritious snack for everyone, especially for children and children with special needs. Matt's Munchies are also the most delicious solution for sugar sensitive people like me. I highly recommend Chef Roberts products to all my patients, as well as I use all them in my personal diet. Chef Roberts uses the purest organic ingredients in all his products, and especially, Chef Roberts makes them with love. And... love brings the magic."

Dr. Shoshana P. Ringel, DDS., MS.Acup., Lic.Acup.

"As a vegetarian, I have enjoyed both the taste and texture of these creative, tasty, healthy snacks. It is nice to find a snack made from natural ingredients from a chef I trust."

Adam Hakim P.T.C.S.T

"I love Matt's Munchies! They are a life saver. As someone who is kosher, gluten-free and quite allergic, I am often at a loss as to what to eat. Especially when I crave something sweet, it is wonderful to know that I have a pantry full of healthful choices that are both safe and low in calories."

"To me, the best part of Matt's Munchies is the packaging. I keep a stash of Munchies in my pocketbook always for that low blood sugar moment while shopping, or as a pick-me-up when stuck in traffic. Portable, fresh and delicious-- who can beat that?"

Deborah S

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